And I write code;

About me

I am a Fullstack Developer and DevOps Engineer from Italy, mainly working on backend microservices (NodeJS, Fastify), cross-platform applications (using Dart + Flutter for mobile, Next.js for web and Tauri for desktop) and automation scripts of all kinds (CI/CD, Networking and such).

In my free time I work on STORM , a set of secure leagueOps tools for Esports tournaments.

I always had a passion for gaming since I was a kid, in the recent years I have started my journey in the Esports industry as a freelancer.


STORM Server

All in One suite to manage LAN Esport tournaments.

Currently supports Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant.


A python application that provides faster and user-friendly operations for cs:go server administrators via CLI or GUI. Mainly meant to be used together with STORM Server.

Supports multiple CS:GO versions, meant to work with STORM Server.


F-RFB Client

A “Fast RFB” Client that enables high frequency local VDIs over lan.

Allows crash - safe gaming combined together with Calypso.


Gaming VDIs Server, running on top of Linux.